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About Astral Dark

The Astral Dark team is great. They have managed my online business presence for 8 years now. I would not want anyone else in charge of managing and protecting my data, Scott is always around when problems occur.

Astral Dark is a managed service provider specializing in modern techniques for an ever changing global environment. Let us design, build, and manage your web presense. Let's face it, website builders are limited. Build it the way you want the first time. Let us manage your business with our vast array of expertise and services. Our experts work around the clock to ensure you have 99% uptime. We specialize in small business. No company is too small for us.
Your business is your livelyhood. Want to take it to the next level? With Astral Dark, we can digitally transform your business to help you achieve your goals.


Cloud solutions with a 99% guaranteed uptime

Keeping the lights on is the last thing you want to worry about as a business owner. Competetors will give you downtime monitoring, while we give you a reliable host that doesn't need downtime monitoring.
Time is money. The longer you have an outage, the more your customers and internal process' are impacted. Trust us to keep you up and running. How do we guarantee this uptime? We own our data center, and have fully staffed employees 24x7 365. Why look elsewhere?

A data breach can destroy a small business in a matter of minutes.

Small business' are an easy target for hackers. Astral Dark offers solutions to fight back.
We have a vast array of manual and automated tools to determine your webisites' level of security. This service is offered for websites of any platform and any coding language. We have security experts on standby when suspicious activity is detected. Our data center is managed by a team of networking and security engineers so you know you are in good hands.

Where will you be when disaster hits?

We offer a best of class backup solution system so you know your website is always archived. Wordpress or custom solutions, problems occur, it's not ideal but sometimes you need to revert to a backup. Not to worry, we have you covered. We have an automated daily backup system that does a total backup of your website, agnostic of platform.
More than just backups, we offer a data management system with Data Management Experts to ensure your data is sanitized. Database administration can be tricky, leave the DBA work to us. We are fully trained to support postgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, OracleDB and more.

A good support team is the backbone of a great solution.

Located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, our support engineers are local and not outsourced. We immediately work to get to the root of the problem, and get the incident managed. After this we work to provide you a root cause analysis, so you can prevent the problem from ocurring.
We are experts in support, 24x7 when you need it. You will be connected with an engineer when you have an incident, so you can get back to running your business. All of our engineers are local and in-house.

Need something new?

If you want a custom solution built, we have answers. Wordpress, Woocommerce, ServiceNow, Salesforce, even Blockchain! We are happy to work with you on whatever platform you use. With a wide scope of expertise, we can guide you in the right direction.
We have Architects and Developers ready to solution out your next best idea. We can turn any idea into a new functional product or improve the functionality of your existing applications. We offer free consultations as well. Get in touch with us for your next big project.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Modern

The internet is constantly changing. We feel there is not enough future thinking managed service providers in this complex ecosystem. You need a team of experts you can trust.

We’re Specialized

Small is not always bad. Some great things come in small packages. We specialize in small business infrastructure because we are a small business ourselves. We will have your back from the start.

We're local

Located out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are right in the heart of the Midwest. Why is this important? We can come to you and chat face to face. It is important you know and trust who managing your online presence.

We love small business

Let's face it, the tech sector in Wisconsin is growing. There are not enough services catered to the small business. We are here to help.

We’re responsible

Responsible with your data and giving you the care you need during difficult situations. That is our goal. We want to take the weight of administration off your shoulders.

We're Friendly

Free consultations. Yes free. Give us a call or shoot us an email :)

What people say?

Scott at Astral Dark has always been there for me, day and night. He was always happy to do so.

Tim Zimmer, Local Business Owner.
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